As chiropractic continues to innovate and improve, we discover new ways of providing specific chiropractic adjustments. Our doctors provide enhanced techniques, and groundbreaking approaches to creating a new level of wellness and health.

At Upward Shift, we use a variety of techniques that fit our patients best.  Each body is unique, and our doctors taylor custom care to fit your specific needs.  We are proud to have incredibly experienced doctors who know numerous techniques.

  • Network Spinal NS
  • Functional Neurology
  • Torque Release Technique
  • Thompson
  • Diversified
  • BioGeometric Integration BGI

What ages can benefit?

Our team will choose the proper technique that is completely safe for people of all ages. Newborn infants, children and adults, including seniors, can benefit from our form of chiropractic adjustment. Drs. Jade and Dan encourage you to schedule a visit; we love meeting new clients of all ages, be they kids, teens, parents or grandparents.

At Upward Shift Chiropractic, we use a variety of techniques that fit our patients best

How quickly does it work?

Since each person is unique, your personal experience will be unique as well. We have patients who see results immediately, while others improve over time. Our goal is to provide an up-front, clear picture to how your spine will develop over time based on our care. 

Drs. Jade and Dan recommend patience with the process, and encourage your body’s natural healing abilities to improve. Getting your spine back into its proper curvature eases tension on the muscles and nerves in the spine and encourages the body to work as it should once more. We are excited to provide this whole-body approach to wellness for our Naples community. Chiropractic care is not simply a one-time solution, and should be part of your regular health plan. 

If you’re ready to experience improved health and wellness, call Dr. Jade Stevens and Dr. Dan Taylor to make an appointment and get started today!  Our mission is to be your Naples chiropractor.


Upward Shift Chiropractic encourages you to come in for a consultation to see how we can help improve your health and happiness.