Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women. Having a child is a gift that can never be replaced, and brings a new joy to life.

Chiropractic for pregnancy

Women who receive chiropractic for pregnancy find a wealth of benefits. Their discomfort is greatly reduced, and their pregnancy often is overall much healthier as it allows the baby to sit in a proper position within the womb. It can reduce labor time by ensuring that the pelvis is aligned properly for childbirth. Adjustments can help to address a range of pregnancy-related issues, including, but not limited to: 

  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Swollen limbs

Facing infertility

Many women have trouble getting pregnant. Research shows that chiropractic care can help with fertility problems. The correct adjustments can allow you to conceive by getting the body back to functioning the way should.

Post-Pregnancy Chiropractic

Many women suffer from spinal misalignments caused by the birthing process. At Upward Shift Chiropractic we can help you fix your spine’s curvature, which will assist your nervous system to properly restore your body that can improve your mood, increase your vitality, and also regulate your hormones. Chiropractic for pregnancy doesn’t end with childbirth. When you have your baby, you need appropriate rest and relaxation to recover. Chiropractic care can help you stay in shape and recover faster. 

Chiropractic for Newborns

It is not just you that can gain a new level of wellness from chiropractic care after your child is born. Due to birth trauma and stress, your child may have feeding and sleep issues, or even experience colic. Gentle adjustments and principled chiropractic care can prevent these issues.

In addition, chiropractic for newborns can correct potential issues with balance and with emotional and behavioral problems later in life, and it even can reduce the potential for acid reflux.  Chiropractic care can place your child on the path to lifelong health once they enter into the world.

Whatever stage of pregnancy you are in, chiropractic care can help you and your new baby on the way. We adore providing chiropractic during pregnancy for all of our expectant mothers in Naples. If you’re looking for a Naples, FL chiropractor for pregnancy and childbirth, Dr. Jade Stevens and Dr. Dan Taylor would be delighted to see you today.

Chiropractic for newborns at Upward Shift Chiropractic



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